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Crafting levels update

Foluke, Sep 8, 12 8:30 PM.
I am now levels 101/101/103.


Foluke, Dec 22, 11 3:48 PM.
Hey all, this is Foluke, just letting you know that I am perfectly willing to craft Unbound shards for the price of the essences, and any rare side ingedients (Marks, Lightning-Split Soarwood, etc). Common collectables and Drragonshard Fragments are on me.

My current levels are 69/64/65. This will change over time.

Guild Announcements!!

dkimber, Dec 8, 11 9:12 AM.
Have a Happy Holiday Season and Be Safe With Your Friends and Family
Guild Event Calendar
Welcome to Acolytes of Foluke
1) Allow casual to hard core players a guild to do to all levels of quests with a group of in game friends that understand relife is still more important then a game.

2) Provide resources to help people level up characters so they can fully enjoy the game by playing different classes and races. We believe it is not the speed of the journey that matters but the experience gained in the process.

3) To have fun. Guild members should enjoy the company of other guild members and should problems arise, they agree to work them out themselves.

Remember, a guild is only as good as YOU make it. Participate, help out & enjoy your fellow Acolytes!

If you are not in the guild:

1) Contact Foluke or Bentor in game.
2) Create a post in the general forums, just to introduce yourself.
3) If you see any Acolytes of Foluke in game that are at your character's level, try to get some playtime with us to make sure we are what you are looking for.

We expect members to participate with members whenever possible.  We understand that family comes first and that everyone will not be able to participate in every event.  All we ask is that we support eachother whenever possible.

If you are not registered on the website, here are the steps you need to take:

1) Create an account.
2) Send a guildportal message to Bentor
3) Check back, your account will be upgraded to member status.
4) Add your characters to the roster.
If you were removed due to inactivity, please contact any member for an invite back into guild if you plan on returning to the game on a full time basis.
(Due to renown decay the roster has to be adjusted for active members only)

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